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This post was super great! Loved it!

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I really feel this. Some folks seem to have this preternatural (to me) ability to just... Do certain things. Some kinds of work, the stuff I know I put off; chores, the things I know will make me feel better to have done, but not to do; even dating and relationships.

One of the hard things for me is figuring out which parts are fixable misalignment and which parts are anxiety, physical things like neuro pathways and neurotransmitters. And on how much that answer matters, if it's something that needs to be done: does it help me find a coping mechanism or tool to make it easy?

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Love this and as you know going through somewhat similar situation.

I'm committed to erasing the scripts that have fueled my self worth and held the keys to my body and mind finding peace.

I don't want to be wired for doing as the only mechanism for feeling safe.

Grateful for your vulnerability and for sharing as I get ready to start working on my own drafts exploring this space as well.

The Doing Won't Save Us. Maybe it will. We don't need saving. We have everything we need.

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